Wildlife Research and Conservation in the Amazon Rainforest

Fauna Forever is committed to researching and conserving Peru’s Amazon rainforest and its rich biodiversity. We can only do this with the involvement of our fellow researchers, volunteers, interns, conservationists and donors. Thank you for your support!

Wildlife Research

1Fauna Forever’s research teams have been collecting species data in Peru’s Madre de Dios region since 1997.  As part of this work, we are identifying, researching and reducing human impacts on wildlife in the region.  We share our data freely with land owners, policy makers, NGOs and businesses to encourage everyone to take a stake in conserving this crucial area.

Nature Education

2Fauna Forever has trained and encouraged hundreds of volunteers and interns from all over the globe.  We run environmental education programs at local schools and communities, and advanced wildlife research training in the field. We are teaching, motivating and inspiring the next generation of Neotropical naturalists, scientists and conservationists.

Rainforest Conservation

3Fauna Forever is committed to protecting the Amazon rainforests of Peru, along with their spectacular biological diversity.  We meet our commitments by collaborating with the private, government and voluntary sectors, by compiling and sharing information, and by directly conserving wide expanses of land in this critically important part of the world.

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Jaguar on Camera Trap Amazon Peru

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