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Use your limited time in an active and meaningful way in the benefit of wildlife and the Amazon rainforest ecosystem
People have long been fascinated by the Amazon Rainforest. However, working or spending long periods in this amazing environment is not possible for many people. Our Citizen Science Volunteer program provides people from all walks of life the opportunity to experience the beauty and incredible diversity of this natural wonder of the world in an active way while helping one of our wildlife research teams. This unique experience of working alongside professional conservation biologists for a short period of time (3, 5, 7 or 10 days) will leave lasting memories and generate a stronger connection to a natural place than would say a regular tourism experience or organised tour.
Who should apply
Anyone with a passion for nature and who can only spare between 3 to 10 days is eligible for this program. For more than 20 years we have welcomed people from all age groups and ethnic backgrounds to our research sites in the Peruvian Amazon, giving them the opportunity to observe and participate up close in our wildlife research work. Often family groups choose to visit our camp to provide their children with a unique and immersive learning experience during their formative years, one that is impossible to attain back in their home countries. Alternatively, retirees often view the chance to visit the Amazon rainforest as achieving one of their life goals. Regardless of your age, knowledge level or background, visiting the Amazon with Fauna Forever and having the opportunity to learn from researchers is an experience everyone cherishes. 
Program Itinerary
Citizen Science Volunteers have the opportunity to participate in all of our wildlife research teams during their time with us. Alternatively, applicants can choose to focus their time on one specific taxonomic group (e.g. birds, herpetofauna, bats, or mammals in general). In addition, participants will often be given the chance to visit nearby attractions such as 40-m high canopy observation tower, a macaw clay lick (locally known as a collpa), an oxbow lake where a family of Giant river otters (Pteronura brasiliensis) live, or simply slowly cruising the rivers at sunset observing the wildlife on the banks. We work with each applicant to create an itinerary that maximizes their learning and enjoyment during their time with us. 
Citizen Science Volunteers are required to pay a fee to participate in this program. These fees cover the costs of their time with us including all transfers, food, lodging and requested additional excursions and boat trips. Without these fees we would not be able to provide learning opportunities for aspiring biologists, ecologists and conservationists. Fauna Forever is a registered Peruvian non-profit organisation and any surplus funding is directly reinvested into our research, forest conservation, community development and scholarship programs. 
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