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Use your wildlife experience and skills to assist our work
For individuals who already possess significant skills and experience relating to wildlife research, we offer the opportunity to join our team as a Skilled Research Intern. Skilled Research Interns assume a higher level of responsibility while assisting team coordinators in their daily wildlife monitoring duties. The experience gained through this more senior role provides interns with valuable insights into how wildlife research projects are managed in the Peruvian Amazon, experience and knowledge that participants may find rewarding as they develop their careers and know-how. Although we request that most Skilled Research Interns cover the bare minimum of their field expenses (food, accommodation, etc.) we do offer a limited number of fully-funded internship scholarships to outstanding applicants who are in a position to provide a detailed CV, reference letters and copies of any special licenses or permits that substantiate their existing level of field research experience.
Applicants to the Skilled Research Internship program are expected to possess a high level of skills and experience related to their chosen research team. They should be able to work independently with little direct supervision from their team coordinator, be comfortable supervising less experienced interns and volunteers, be able to execute instructions from their team coordinator, work well with local community members, be able to adapt quickly to unexpected events and be very hard working. Applicants are required to submit a CV containing relevant work experiences, references from the field of biology, ecology or conservation, copies of special licenses or permits for animal handling, and be willing to attend a web-based interview if requested.
The role of a Skilled Research Intern is to assist team coordinators with their daily wildlife monitoring responsibilities, ensuring all aspects of camp are operating smoothly, and at times co-supervise less experienced volunteers and interns as they learn new field methods and contribute to our data collection processes. Successful applicants should be prepared for many days where they are focused on a combination of data collection (following our standard field protocols for each taxonomic group of interest), inputting data into project laptops, supervising less experienced members of their team and generally assisting the team coordinators with any task that helps the team attain its objectives more efficiently. Regular meetings will be held between interns and team coordinators in order to ensure the smooth running of the team. Skilled Research Interns may also be asked to assist the team coordinators with certain teaching activities, especially when the team as a whole may have more members, such as in the busy summer period between June and August. Although Skilled Research Interns may be asked to closely supervise the fieldwork of less experienced volunteers and interns, the health and safety of the team as a whole is the responsibility of the team coordinators and other official project managers employed by the Fauna Forever organisation. Professionalism, attention to detail, helping others, and a general can-do attitude are vital attributes of Skilled Research Interns.
A limited number of fully-funded Skilled Research Intern scholarships are available throughout each year. These scholarships are awarded both to those individuals that bring unique qualifications to our research team and also to skilled Peruvian biologists seeking field research experience. Should scholarships not be available, applicants are encouraged to apply knowing that they may have to pay a fee to cover the bare minimum of costs associated with their stay. These fees include expenses related to local transfers, food and lodging. Fauna Forever is a registered Peruvian non-profit organisation, and any surplus funding is reinvested into our research, community development and scholarship programs.
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