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Hosting organised groups of students for immersive learning
experiences in the Amazon rainforest of Peru

A once in a lifetime learning opportunity for students from across the world

Fauna Forever has a long history of hosting secondary and post secondary school aged students from across the world. We offer immersive learning experiences that are tailored to each group's needs, ensuring students gain the most from this once in a lifetime learning opportunity. 
Norwegian students holding an antbird during a Fauna Forever bird survey

Norwegian students holding an antbird that has just been banded prior to releasing it

Interacting With Local Communities

Many schools want their students to interact with local native communities and our school group programs help facilitate this is a safe manner. Students are given the chance to live with local families, help prepare food, harvest local fruits and vegetables and learn about the rich histories that shape these local communities. These interactions are also a wonderful opportunity for local communities, providing eco-tourism income and the chance for local children in these communities to learn from other young adults. 
American Student Eating Fresh Cacao harvested at the Boca Parimanu native community in Peru

An American students sampling some freshly harvested cacao fruit

Fees and Booking Information

Because the needs of each school are so different, we suggest contacting us directly to enquire about fees and booking availabilities. Fauna Forever is a registered Peruvian NGO, and any surplus funding is directly reinvested in our research, community development and scholarship programs. 

Call or Whatsapp us at: +51 992771166

Norwegian students helping to examine a Black Caiman (Melanosuchus niger) during a Fauna Forever river survey

Norwegian students helping to hold a Black Caiman during a river survey

Learning from Field Biologists

Students and teachers are given the opportunity to work directly alongside our experienced field biologists. Student groups are given the chance to accompany our bird team as they catch and apply bands/rings to birds using specialized mist-nets, join our mammal team as they conduct research looking for large mammals such as Jaguars and Tapirs, venture out at night with our Bat Team as they catch large neotropical bats, explore the rainforest at night with our herpetofauna team looking for frogs and snakes, get into out boat and join our caiman team while they survey and catch large caimans in the local rivers and join our botany team to identify and measure the towering trees that make up the Amazon rainforest. 
American Students Harvesting Plantains at the Boca Parimanu Native Community in the Peruvian Amazon.j

American students helping to harvest plantains in the native community of Boca Parimanu

Students From Norway Sampling Butterflies during a Fauna Forever invertebrate survey

Students from Norway helping to sample butterflies in the rainforest

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