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Thesis project internship
Supporting Undergraduate and Post-graduate students looking to undertake their thesis project in Amazonian Peru
The Amazon rainforest is the most biodiverse region on Earth, yet there is still so much we do not know about even the most basic aspects of this ecosystem. This provides university and college students nearly limitless questions upon which they can design their thesis project. We offer Thesis Project Interns expert supervision in project design and extensive field support to execute these projects successfully.
Thesis Topics
The staggering number of species from nearly all branches of life found within the Amazon provides incredible opportunities for research questions. Students often choose to focus their research upon major taxon groups such as birds, large mammals, primates, herpetofauna or botany. However many students have also chosen more understudied groups such as invertebrates, fish and even fungi. Currently there are large knowledge gaps relating to a wide variety of categories of information including spatial ecology, community dynamics, ecosystem functions, responses to anthropogenic changes in the environment, and species level life history characteristics. Although a general understanding relating to species occurrences exists for some taxa, less studied groups such as invertebrates and fish still have numerous undescribed species waiting to be properly classified taxonomically. We also have a number of recommended pre-designed research projects that can be viewed here
Fauna Forever Project Support
Fauna Forever has a rich history of providing support to students wishing to develop and complete their thesis project in a tropical environment. We have a number of pre-designed project questions which can be viewed here. We also offer one on one support to students wishing to design their own projects. Our expert team offers project supervision relating to all aspects of these projects including project design, fieldwork and finally data analysis and interpretation. Our role in the field adapts to your project’s needs, ranging from simple site infrastructure to complete training and supervision during sampling sessions. We are always excited to work with aspiring biologists, ecologists and conservationists wishing to further their academic qualifications and contribute to our understanding of the Amazon Rainforest. 
Thesis Project Interns are required to pay a fee to help cover the costs associated with their time at our research camps. However these fees can vary greatly depending on the specific requirements of their respective project. Once a general project outline has been established, we are able to provide a definitive quote relating to these fees. Fees are generally lower for projects requiring very little supervision or infrastructure, and higher for projects that require our team members to devote significant time to training and supervision or require specialized equipment or resources to implement. We are always interested in opportunities to collaborate on grant proposals which may cover some or all of the costs associated with these projects. Fauna Forever is a registered Peruvian NGO, and any surplus funding is directly reinvested in our research, community development and scholarship programs. 
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