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Taking our tropical wildlife research expertise and 
passion for conservation to another continent
We are happy to announce the expansion of our wildlife research and monitoring activities to the African continent. Starting in early 2023, we will be beginning a new phase of research in Uganda, East Africa, assisting non-profits, local communities and green businesses with their wildlife research needs, including datasets that they can use to gauge the state of wild nature and the success of biodiversity conservation interventions. In addition to helping local stakeholders and landowners in this way, we will also be training Ugandan researchers, rangers, students, volunteers and community members so that they may use this knowledge for their own wildlife research initiatives in the future.

As has been our custom since our wildlife research projects began back in the late 1990s, we will be opening up our doors to paying volunteers and interns who would like to join us in Uganda to help us establish and grow our research activities here and to learn in an experiential fashion about each and every one of our research methods and protocols and about the taxonomic groups (birds, bats, amphibians, reptiles) and species that we will be studying. Through our in-country contacts, we will also be organising short safaris to Uganda's various national parks (e.g. Queen Elizabeth NP, Murchison Falls NP, Lake Mburo NP, etc.) for those people keen on seeing more of Uganda's enigmatic wildlife, such as kob, zebra, giraffe, leopard, topi, hippo, etc.). 

Map of Uganda showing some of the potential wildlife research areas that our team will be studying. 

Research Sites
We are planning to undertake research in and around multiple sites in Uganda, on a rotational basis, during the months of February, March and April 2023, such as (1) Garuga Peninsula (located on the banks of Lake Victoria in the Entebbe district); (2) Bubugo (located on the banks of the White Nile north of Jinja); (3) Sunbird Hill (located in the buffer zone of the Kibale National Park; and (4) community land in the buffer zone of the Lake Mburo National Park (see map above). 
Research Coordinators and Instructors
The team of research coordinators and instructors, and associate researchers, will include Chris Ketola, Chris Kirkby, Lewis Hillier, Ivana Budinski and Cecilia Montauban. Their diverse backgrounds give them a wealth of valuable experience which they are eager to share with participating volunteers and interns. Although our team may come from different parts of the world, they all share a passion to understand and conserve tropical biodiversity and to share their knowledge with aspiring biologists, ecologists, conservationists and nature-lovers in general.
Participation Certificate
All project participants will be given a certificate at the end of their time with Fauna Forever.
Dates and Pricing
Fauna Forever is now accepting applications from paying volunteers and student interns who are interested in assisting our research in Uganda in 2023. The full set of periods with start and end dates, with corresponding pricing, is summarised below:

2 Weeks
Start Date              End Date               US$ per person (with safari)       US$ per person (no safari)
1 Feb 2023          14 Feb 2023                     1,680                                   1,260
15 Feb 2023        28 Feb 2023                     1,680                                   1,260
1 Mar 2023         14 Mar 2023                    1,680                                   1,260
15 Mar 2023        28 Mar 2023                   1,680                                   1,260

3 Weeks
Start Date              End Date               US$ per person (with safari)       US$ per person (no safari)

1 Feb 2023          21 Feb 2023                     1,995                                    1,575
1 Mar 2023         21 Mar 2023                    1,995                                    1,575

4 Weeks

Start Date              End Date               US$ per person (with safari)
1 Feb 2023          28 Feb 2023                     2,100
1 Mar 2023         28 Mar 2023                    2,100

6 Weeks

Start Date              End Date               US$ per person (with safari)
1 Feb 2023          14 Mar 2023                     2,940
15 Feb 2023        28 Mar 2023                     2,940

8 Weeks

Start Date              End Date               US$ per person (with safari)
1 Feb 2023          28 Mar 2023                     3,808
15 Feb 2023        28 Mar 2023                     3,808
The above fees include the costs of in-country travel (mainly 4x4 vehicles), food, lodging, banking, electricity, equipment and research permit expenses from arrival in Entebbe International Airport (EBB). The fees do not cover the costs of flights, travel insurance (which is compulsory for all project participants), tourist visa (US$50 per person), bottled beverages (coke, fanta, etc.), medical expenses, laundry costs, and other personal expenses.
If you are interested in applying to join our Uganda wildlife research project and have the funding available to cover the fees, please send us an email to with a one-page summary of your background and your motivation to participate in this project.
Below are a set of photos of some of the species and landscapes you are likely to encounter.
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