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 Research. Education. Collaboration. Conservation 

We lead long-term wildlife research projects, nature-friendly ecotours and expeditions, volunteer programs, community development initiatives and nature conservation activities in the Amazon rainforest of Peru and in rural areas of Uganda.

Implementing nature conservation strategies, contributing to sustainable livelihoods and improving our understanding of Peru's
Neotropical ecosystems, since 1997
Cloud forest bird research, conservation, and community development in the buffer zone of  Machu Picchu, Peru. Video: Wild Hope Collective 
About Us
Who we are
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Fauna Forever is a Peruvian non-profit organisation. Our mission is to build a world where nature conservation and sustainability thinking are cornerstones of a society's development and wellbeing, resulting in a healthy and prosperous Planet Earth for all.

What we do

Our objectives are to identify and implement long-lasting solutions that conserve Peru's biological and cultural diversity. We achieve this by leading our own projects, sharing information, and collaborating in as many positive ways as possible.

Where we do it

Our work is focused on the lowland rainforest and Andean cloud-forest and aquatic ecosystems of the Amazon Basin in Peru, with an emphasis on the regions of Cusco, Madre de Dios, and Puno.

About Us


research, monitoring and conservation

Volunteer and internships
What Our Friends and Supporters Are Saying
"Thank you so much for your inspiring passion. I wish more organizations were like yours."
"I had an incredible time volunteering with Fauna Forever. A great organization
and a great group of research coordinators. Thanks again!"
"Thank you so much for this opportunity. These last four weeks have been some of the most
interesting and thought-provoking periods of my life."
"This was the first time I have been around biologists and environmental scientists. It was amazing
to see the world from a different perspective, especially in a forest like the Amazon."
"One of the best weeks of my life was working with this amazing organisation.
Such important work. Such great people."
Fauna Forever - Lianas (Juan Carlos Huayllapuma)

A tangle of lianas and trees near Soledad Lake, Peru (Photo: Juan Carlos Huayllapuma)

Birds - Royal Flycatcher (Tom Ambrose) smaller

A Royal flycatcher (Onychorhynchus coronatus). This fabulous bird was briefly caught in a mist net, had a numbered band placed on its leg, and had its vitals measured before being released in Tambopata, Peru (Photo: Tom Ambrose)

Fauna Forever - Machu picchu (Ava Peattie)

Early morning mist rising over the Inca citadel of Machu picchu. A truly unforgetable sight! (Photo: Ava Peattie)

Fauna Forever - Yellow River bedroom

One of the rooms at the Yellow River Homestay in the Quellomayo Community near Machu picchu (Photo: Andrew Bruton)

Fauna Forever - Bird research - Antshrike banding (Jason Kopp)

Banding an antshrike in the Tambopata rainforest, Peru (Photo: Jason Kopp)

Birds - Juan Molina looking at wing (Gaby Wiederkehr)

Peruvian ornithologist, Juan Molina, assessing the wear-and-tear on a bird's wing (Photo: Gaby Wiederkehr)

Fauna Forever - Citizen science volunteers

Citizen science volunteers visit us from across the world to briefly assist us for a few days with our work as they tour Peru

Fauna Forever - Bat team - Chrotopterus auritus (Chris Ketola)

A Chrotopterus auritus bat, temporarily caught as part of a long-term study of bat diversity and population structure in the Peruvian Amazon (Photo: Chris Ketola).

Fauna Forever - Volunteers at El Gato (Chris Kirkby)

A group of volunteers at the El Gato Homestay in Tambopata, one of our wildlife research sites and community ecotour destinations (Photo: Chris Kirkby).

Fauna Forever - Mammal team - White-lipped peccaries (Tom Ambrose)

A group of White-lipped peccaries (Tayassu pecari) on the edge of a clearing in the forest (Photo: Tom Ambrose).

Fauna Forever - Birdteam (Gaby Wiederkehr)

A bird team volunteer releasing a Band-tailed manakin (Pipra fasciicauda)(Photo: Gaby Wiederkehr)

Fauna Forever - Community project - Cacao in hands (Juan Carlos Huayllapuma)

Cacao is now a major cashcrop for local communities in Madre de Dios, Peru (Photo: Juan Carlos Huayllapuma).

Fauna Forever - Community project - Caught red-handed (Juan Carlos Huayllapuma)

An intern on the medicinal plant research team and community development project showing off hands dyed red by "achiote" seeds (Photo: Juan Carlos Huayllapuma).

Fauna Forever - Community project - Elder at Puerto Nuevo Native Community (Juan Carlos Huayllapuma)

One of the elders at the Puerto Nuevo Native Community in the Madre de Dios region of the Peruvian Amazon (Photo: Juan Carlos Huayllapuma).

Amazon Rainforest Research and Conservation Blog
Here we cover a broad range of topics and activities related directly or indirectly to our projects in Peru. Some blog posts are written by our staff, others by our volunteers and interns
Some of our Partners and Supporters
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Find Us


CD Sacashuaylla s/n


San Sebastian 

Cusco 08000



Tambopata Hostel

Gonzales Prada 161

Puerto Maldonado

Madre de Dios 17000


Cel: +51 993915158 / 992771166


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"Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It's not."

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