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Forest Ranger Team

As a hand-picked intern, you will join our Forest Ranger Team for a period of 1-4 months, and will play an important role in patrolling the boundaries of forest reserves, collecting data on potential and actual threats to the trees and wildlife within these reserves, liaising with local communities, other land owners, and government officials such as the ecological police

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“I had so much fun & learnt so much about photography. It was organised tightly and packed a lot into two weeks, I was surrounded by friendly and supportive people and even when things went wrong (airport lost my luggage) I felt I was in safe professional hands. Really glad I came and I’ve built a great portfolio with skills I’ll use for all my life.” - Laura Liddell

The rainforest of south-eastern Peru holds more biological diversity than almost any other region on our planet. Fauna Forever and Untamed Photography take our Amazon to Andes workshop participants from pristine lowland rainforest where biological diversity is at its most brilliant, along the controversial Interoceanic Highway to see some of the most devastating deforestation on Earth, and finally through the cloud forest to Machu Picchu to experience the highest and most spectacular altitudes of the Amazon and the breathtaking ancient ruins which lie within. The main focus of the tour will be the Amazon Basin where our participants can enjoy the unique opportunity of working alongside our active Fauna Forever research projects in Tambopata which offer the chance to get up close and personal with a number of colourful rainforest species.  The trip will end with a spectacular trek (or equally ‘breathtaking’ train and bus) to the World-famous Inca ruins of Machu Picchu.


“This was a brilliant adventure, and even more spectacular than I thought it would be! I love staying alongside active and passionate researchers, getting to talk to them and photograph the creatures they work with. The leaders were amazing, great photographers and great fun” -Rosemary Head

  • Explore Tambopata, one of the most biologically diverse rainforest regions on Earth- in the safe and experienced hands of our Untamed Peru: Amazon to Andes wildlife photography workshop crew which includes (per tour) two wildlife photography leaders, a team of conservation scientists, and our logistics partner who has more than a decade of experience in the region.
  • Take photographs with the advantage of seeing a number of Amazonian creatures within arm’s reach during participation in conservation research and monitoring with our rainforest-based teams of scientists and volunteers. Watch during capture and ‘processing’ of a selection of charismatic neo-tropical birds and arrays of colourful snake, frog and lizard species before they’re released safely back into the wild.
  • Camp on the river bank in the middle of the national reserve to experience one of Mother Nature’s greatest sight and sound extravaganzas; the longest macaw and parrot clay-lick in the World which is situated on the banks of the Tambopata River and visited by up to 13 different macaw and parrot species in a single day, sometimes totalling thousands of individual birds at any one moment.
  • Follow our local researcher as we ascend from the Amazon Basin (300 m) by bus to the vastly greater altitudes of Cusco (3,400 m), to discover ‘secret’ cock of the rock leks tucked away in the lush cloud forest widely recognised for its vast abundance of bird life, orchids, bromeliads and crystal-clear streams and waterfalls.
  • Finally, trek past blue glacial lakes and camp a night at an altitude of 4,300 metres along the way (The highest mountain in Europe is 1,900 metres.)
  • Or take the train through the Andes Mountains and along the epic Urubamba River
  • End off the tour with a grand finale – sunrise over the breath-taking 600 year old Incan ruins of Machu Picchu.

What the fee includes

  • Accomodation from start to end of the tour
  • Three substantial and healthy meals every day
  • Clean drinking water at all times
  • Airport transfer on arrival (Puerto Maldonado) and departure (Cusco)
  • Workshop presentations


In 2017 and 2018, applicants for volunteer and intern positions will be free to choose the start and end dates that are most convenient for them, although we'd prefer start dates to coincide with a week day (Mon-Fri) if at all possible. On applying, please use the calendar to select these dates. 


photo: Juan Carlos Huayllapuma

1 Week (07 Days 06 Nights) - US$930
2 Weeks (14 Days 13 Nights) - US$1,450
3 Weeks (21 Days 20 Nights) - US$1,750

1 Month (30 Days 29 Nights) - US$2,345
2 Months (60 Days 59 Nights) - US$3,955
3 Months (90 Days 89 Nights) - US$5,130
4 Months (120 Days 119 Nights) - US$6,120
5 Months (150 Days 149 Nights) - US$7,500
More than 5 months - US$50 per day

These costs (which we treat as a donation to the non-profit organisation) include airport transfers (on arrival and departure); accommodation (in shared rooms); main meals (including vegetarian options); clean drinking water (always); local road and river transport to/from field sites (scheduled dates only); sheets, pillow case, and mosquito nets; access to our office wifi (where available); access to our library and equipment pool (e.g. GPS); orientation, field training and supervision from our staff; participation certificate and future reference letters (as required).

They do not include any flights; travel/health insurance (which is compulsory for all participants); taxis in Puerto Maldonado or Cusco (other than those used for scheduled trips to restaurants for meals); between meal snacks (cookies, sweets, etc.); and bottled beverages (Coca cola, Sprite, Fanta, etc.).

Note: Discounts are possible for groups of 4 people or more, that have the same start and end dates. Please contact us if this is your case.

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