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Volunteer and Internship Opportunities
* All training provided *
Long-term assistance for biological research stations and
ecolodges in Amazonian Peru

Details coming soon...

A very common species of armoured centipede walking along a log. Resident Naturalists quickly learn to identify the common species at each biological station and ecolodge, and in turn help researchers and ecotourists understand and interpret the wildlife and forest around them Video: Chris Kirkby

Volunteer and Intern Participation Fees

2 months -  US$ 3700

3 months -  US$ 4600

4 months​ -  US$ 5700

5 months -  US$ 6400


Full board (veg options available) and lodging (shared rooms), scheduled transfers, training and supervision, research permits, research activities.

Not included

Flights, non-scheduled transfers, clothes washing, rubber boots, rain poncho, personal medical issues.


Any time of year. We recommend successful applicants arrive in the city of Puerto Maldonado (PEM) on either a Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday if at all possible. The city is served by daily flights from Lima (LIM) and Cusco (CUZ) via the airlines Latam and Avianca. 

Non-profit Fee Breakdown

Transfers 4% 

Accommodation 18%

Meals 14%

Equipment  4%

Repairs 4% 

Communication 18%

Staff 14%

Profit  0%

Recommended Reading

Books and Field Guides

Book - Neotropical Rainforest

Neotropical Rainforest Mammals

By: L. Emmons

Book - Bats of Los Amigos.jpg

Bats of Los Amigos Biological Station

By: S. Grillo, J. Pacheco, S. Velazco 

Book - Birds of Peru - Small.jpg

Birds of Peru

By: T.S. Schulenberg

Book - Butterflies of Southern Amazonia.

Butterflies of Southern Amazonia

By: Garwood, Lehman, Carter

Book - Trees of Peru.jpg

Trees of Peru

By: Pennington, Reynel, Daza

Book - Medicinal Plants Tambopata.png

Medicinal Plants of Tambopata

By: Rainforest Expeditions

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