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Peru and Brazil, by Jinnie Yeo

This is a blog entry by the very talented travel writer, photographer and good friend of Dave’s, Jinnie Yeo.  Jinnie, Jo, Alex and Brendon (Dave’s friends from London) came to visit him in Peru in May 2013 and had a chance to see what Fauna Forever does in the rainforest.  If you want to know […]

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Cusco, trekking and Machu Picchu

In between two of the field phases I had enough time to take off from the jungle and travel around Peru. So one of our volunteers, the Bird team coordinator and I left for the high altitudes of Cusco. Cusco is an absolutely amazing city, there is nothing quite like it. I have never enjoyed roaming […]

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I’m here! – by David Johnston

After two week’s of goodbyes and tears, months and months of planning and fundraising and a 21 hour flight, Lima at last! The air is thick and smells like the sea – skin already sticky. Sounds drifting into the hostel bedroom window – hooting, sirens, music, laughter, talking, crash, more hooting, cars, mopeds, more hooting, […]

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