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Mongabay Feature: Jaguars, tapirs, oh my!: Amazon explorer films shocking wildlife bonanza in threatened forest

Story courtesy of Mongabay.com Watching a new video by Amazon explorer, Paul Rosolie, one feels transported into a hidden world of stalking jaguars, heavyweight tapirs, and daylight-wandering giant armadillos. This is the Amazon as one imagines it as a child: still full of wild things. In just four weeks at a single colpa (or clay […]

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First Days in the Jungle – by Patrick Champagne, Canada

On May 7th I left Canada with three heavy bags and a craving for adventure that could only be satisfied by exploring dangerous jungles with a machete and a compass. Actually, it was nothing like that. I was nervous and dreaded the 24 hours of travel that I was about to begin. The trip was […]

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