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Capturing Caiman, Las Piedras, Tree-climbing and The Anaconda – by Patrick Champagne

Patrick is a Research & Conservation Intern from Canada, focussing mostly on forest caiman. Las Piedras Biodiversity Station is an ecotourist site and research station located 2 days upriver from Puerto Maldonado. During my time at Las Piedras, three primary habitats where surveyed for Paleosuchus trigonatus and P. palpebrosus. For a long portion of our […]

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Only 984 Hours to Remember the Rest of My Life – by Madison Wise

The Amazon region of Madre de Dios is home to a little over a hundred different species of amphibians, so for me, coming here and being a part of this program has been a life-long dream finally birthed into fruition. If there was a way of putting into words the ecstaticm I feel every day, […]

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Peru 2010 – by William Howell

The Amazon rainforest, a place shrouded in mystery and darkness. My experience here is tale of many emotions, many strange encounters and many bitter struggles brought about by the conditions of living in such an unrelenting and unforgiving environment. Since a young age I had learned about the Amazon, it had always seemed a fairytale-like […]

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