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Dung beetle studies

  The Fauna Forever intern program receives many applications for students interested in completing a research project with us in the rainforest. One of our applicants this year was Kate. Kate came to Fauna Forever for 2 months and completed a research project on dung beetles in the Tambopata. In this interview she explains what […]

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Mimicry – by Ashley Anne Wick

(This blog entry is dedicated to former FFT volunteer Sofia Prado.  She never got to hear my mimicry talk because we were all frozen – like butterflies – during the epic friaje that signaled the end to our last phase). I am a Lepidopterist.  And, for better or worse, I will remain one for the […]

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Coming Home – by Ashley Anne Wick

Hopefully the title of this entry is not misleading – although my recent visit to my homeland (the US, mainly Iowa and Chicago) was absolutely refreshing, I am back in Amazonia and as happy as ever. These days the act of returning to Explorer’s Inn on the Tambopata feels as much like returning home as […]

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