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Corresponding with Caiman – by FF Journalist Giles Crosse

Patrick Champagne, a Fauna Forever researcher, is set to carry out a groundbreaking study into population densities of Paleosuchus trigonatus, a widely distributed species of caiman found in South America. “Unlike other crocodilians there have been insufficient resources applied to the study of this species. Most of the literature on this species derives from studies […]

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La experiencia Fauna Forever

La gran ilusión de uno de mis hijos, gran aficionado a la Naturaleza y fotografía, era y es recorrer la selva amazónica para la “captura” de toda clase de bichos. Tras una minuciosa búsqueda por Internet, optó por registrarse como voluntario en la Asociación “Fauna Forever” del 8 al 18 de Julio 2012. Conociendo mis aficiones, […]

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Caiman in San Antonio

“Nothing goes as planed”, “You cant plan your week”, “Tell me this morning” are all phrases that I heard frequently this field phase. It is because when you are in the jungle, nothing, no matter how structured, goes as planed. This was probably the most important lesson learned this phase. Not only is it true […]

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First Days in the Jungle – by Patrick Champagne, Canada

On May 7th I left Canada with three heavy bags and a craving for adventure that could only be satisfied by exploring dangerous jungles with a machete and a compass. Actually, it was nothing like that. I was nervous and dreaded the 24 hours of travel that I was about to begin. The trip was […]

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