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Video of Herpetofauna Team Catching Young 2.5 meter Anaconda (Eunectes murinus)

. Fauna Forever volunteers working in the Las Piedras area of Tambopata in Peru’s Amazon Rainforest caught a juvenile Anaconda. The team of herpetofauna experts and volunteers were able to take important research data and observations about the animal before releasing it safely back into the wild. Caught by: Brian Crnobrna Age: Juvenile Sex: Female […]

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Capturing Caiman, Las Piedras, Tree-climbing and The Anaconda – by Patrick Champagne

Patrick is a Research & Conservation Intern from Canada, focussing mostly on forest caiman. Las Piedras Biodiversity Station is an ecotourist site and research station located 2 days upriver from Puerto Maldonado. During my time at Las Piedras, three primary habitats where surveyed for Paleosuchus trigonatus and P. palpebrosus. For a long portion of our […]

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