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Photography Tour Peru Amazon Rainforest Machu Picchu

~ The Untamed Photography workshop and tour provides a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be led through the Peruvian Amazon by two professional wildlife photographers with the unique advantage of working alongside Fauna Forever’s research and conservation teams. Discover the tremendous biological diversity of primary lowland Amazon rainforest, marvel at our planet’s longest macaw and parrot clay-lick, take a road trip along the famous Interoceanic (Trans-Amazonic) Highway, visit secret cock of the rock leks in the Andes Cloud Forest, trek (or train) through the breathtaking Andes Highlands, and end this 12-day trip with a sunrise view of an official ‘Wonder of the World’, Machu Picchu.

The rainforest of south-eastern Peru holds more biological diversity than almost any other region on our planet. Fauna Forever and Untamed Photography take our Amazon to Andes workshop participants from pristine lowland rainforest where biological diversity is at its most brilliant, along the controversial Interoceanic Highway to see some of the most devastating deforestation on Earth, and finally through the cloud forest to Machu Picchu to experience the highest and most spectacular altitudes of the Amazon and the breathtaking ancient ruins which lie within. The main focus of the tour will be the Amazon Basin where our participants can enjoy the unique opportunity of working alongside our active Fauna Forever research projects in Tambopata which offer the chance to get up close and personal with a number of colourful rainforest species.  The trip will end with a spectacular trek (or equally ‘breathtaking’ train and bus) to the World-famous Inca ruins of Machu Picchu.

Tour Photography Peru Wildlife Amazon Machu Picchu

Tour Photography Peru Machu Picchu

Start the Tour in Puerto Maldonado

Peru Photography Tour Cusco Machu Picchu

Spend time with Herpetofauna Experts to get Close-ups of Amphibians & Reptiles

“I had so much fun & learnt so much about photography. It was organised tightly and packed a lot into two weeks, I was surrounded by friendly and supportive people and even when things went wrong (airport lost my luggage) I felt I was in safe professional hands. Really glad I came and I’ve built a great portfolio with skills I’ll use for all my life.” -Laura Liddell

Highlights of the Andes to Amazon Wildlife Photography Workshop & Tour:


Photography Tour Peru Wildlife Cloud Amazon

Watch as the Spectacle Unfolds at the World's Longest Macaw and Parot Claylick

Cusco Photography Tour Peru Cloudforest

Travel Through the Cloud Forest up into the Andes

Machu Picchu Tour Photography Amazon Rainforest

End the Tour with Sunrise Over Machu Picchu

“This was a brilliant adventure, and even more spectacular than I thought it would be! I love staying alongside active and passionate researchers, getting to talk to them and photograph the creatures they work with. The leaders were amazing, great photographers and great fun” -Rosemary Head

  • Explore Tambopata, one of the most biologically diverse rainforest regions on Earth- in the safe and experienced hands of our Untamed Peru: Amazon to Andes wildlife photography workshop crew which includes (per tour) two wildlife photography leaders, a team of conservation scientists, and our logistics partner who has more than a decade of experience in the region.
  • Take photographs with the advantage of seeing a number of Amazonian creatures within arm’s reach during participation in conservation research and monitoring with our rainforest-based teams of scientists and volunteers. Watch during capture and ‘processing’ of a selection of charismatic neo-tropical birds and arrays of colourful snake, frog and lizard species before they’re released safely back into the wild.
  • Camp on the river bank in the middle of the national reserve to experience one of Mother Nature’s greatest sight and sound extravaganzas; the longest macaw and parrot clay-lick in the World which is situated on the banks of the Tambopata River and visited by up to 13 different macaw and parrot species in a single day, sometimes totalling thousands of individual birds at any one moment.
  • Follow our local researcher as we ascend from the Amazon Basin (300 m) by bus to the vastly greater altitudes of Cusco (3,400 m), to discover ‘secret’ cock of the rock leks tucked away in the lush cloud forest widely recognised for its vast abundance of bird life, orchids, bromeliads and crystal-clear streams and waterfalls.
  • Finally, trek past blue glacial lakes and camp a night at an altitude of 4,300 metres along the way (The highest mountain in Europe is 1,900 metres.)
  • Or take the train through the Andes Mountains and along the epic Urubamba River
  • End off the tour with a grand finale – sunrise over the breath-taking 600 year old Incan ruins of Machu Picchu.

Photography Tour Peru Wildlife Workshop


Map of Untamed Wildlife Photography Workshop & Tour

View Untamed Amazon to Andes: Peru Wildlife Photography Workshop & Tour in a larger map

~Dates & Prices

All prices are fully inclusive (*see below) from midday on the first date till midday on the last date:

19 August – 30 August 2012:

  • 11 nights, 12 days (US$2,900)

2 Spetember – 13 September 2012:

  • 11 nights, 12 days (US$2,900)

* What the fee includes

  • Accomodation from start to end of the tour
  • Three substantial and healthy meals every day
  • Clean drinking water at all times
  • Airport transfer on arrival (Puerto Maldonado) and departure (Cusco)
  • Workshop presentations

What the fee does not include

  • Travel insurance (this is essential)
  • Flights
  • Spending money for snacks, sodas and souvenirs
Bird Photography Research Tour Workshop

Capturing Birds with Fauna Forever's Research & Conservation Teams

“If you want to get up close and personal with the rainforest this is the way to do it!! I had a great adventure and met some great people. It was like living a wildlife documentary. Jon & George were both great team leaders who led the team with professionalism, enthusiasm as well as vast amount of knowledge, their work was an inspiration for me and I have come away with a better knowledge of where I want my photography to go and how to get there. I love the experience so much I plan to go back as soon as possible.” -Adrian Knight

Untamed Photography

Founded by Fauna Forever and two British wildlife photographers, Jonathan Lewis and George Bareham, Untamed Photography operates in alliance with a variety of important research and conservation initiatives around the world to provide conservation-focussed experiences to photography enthusiasts who wish to capture wildlife in some of the most nature-abundant places on Earth.

UP’s workshops & tours utilise ecotourist lodges and research centres which have been specially selected for their secluded, but comfortable and accessible positions in the wild. With an emphasis on wildlife-rich locations which are frequented by researchers and biologists, Untamed Photography participants can expect to enjoy sightings of a variety of mammals, birds, snakes, frogs and insects during each workshop tour. With researchers and biologists to hand our participants will often get exclusive learning experiences.

To find out more about Untamed Photography Tour Leaders click here.

For a downloadable pdf which includes the full itinerary click here.

To find out more about Untamed Photography please visit the UP website here.

Photography Tour Peru Cusco Machu Picchu

“Jon and George are obviously working at something they both love and believe in. They are an excellent advert for the charity and organisation. Both knowledgeable about the charity and the location and are excellent exponents of the software used to work on photographs. Excellent photographers in their own right. A holiday I shall remember for a long time.” -Stuart Boyd

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