Peru Amazon Rainforest Services – Research and Data Aquisition

Partner with Fauna Forever and let us help you achieve your Amazon rainforest field research goals. Take advantage of the logistics and research sites associated with our own ongoing projects to collect your own data, or indeed contract us to collect, process, and send the field data that you require in your absence. We have been actively collecting field data on numerous topics right across the Tambopata rainforest for over 15 years. For a list of some of our published articles based on our data collection, please go here. With our associated permitting services we can also ensure all data collection tasks, both within and outside protected areas, are within the law and are undertaken with the knowledge and consent of the relevant authorities in Peru. With our team of experienced researchers, comprising ornithologists, mammalogists, herpetologists, entomologists, botanists, anthropologists, sociologists, and economists, we have most themes covered in terms of field personnel. We also have access to a large pool of research assistants, volunteers, and interns, both from Peru and abroad – so we’re unlikely ever to be short of willing hands. Given the necessary training, we are confident that even highly specialised data requirements can be achieved.

Why partner with Fauna Forever?

Over the last 15 years of field research and conservation work in the Tambopata rainforest area of Peru, the Fauna Forever team has learnt how to accomplish its aims in what many would describe as a challenging environment. In this time, we have amassed a great deal of information on how to get things done efficiently, and we’re eager to share this knowledge for the benefit of others.

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