Peru Amazon Rainforest Services – Logistics

Partner with Fauna Forever and let us eliminate the head-ache associated with organising the logistics for your research trip or expedition to the Tambopata rainforest. We can deal with everything from airport pick-up/drop-off, hotel reservations, choosing and contracting the right terrestrial transport services (station wagon, 4×4, small and large buses, motorbikes, mountainbikes) and river transport (fast boat, slow boat, row boat), safety considerations (emergency contact and extraction solutions), not to mention identifying and contracting specialist guides, drivers, cooks, camp hands, local field assistants, and professional researchers. We can also organise meetings with government officials and the representatives of numerous grassroots organisations based in Puerto Maldonado, not to mention arranging any required permits and official authorisations to access specific sites, such as areas within the Tambopata National Reserve and Bahuaja Sonene National Park.

Due to the not-for-profit status of Fauna Forever, all profits from the logistical services we provide others are ploughed straight back into research and conservation efforts in Tambopata. So, for a professional logistics service with secondary research and conservation benefits, please choose Fauna Forever.

Why partner with Fauna Forever?

Over the last 15 years of field research and conservation work in the Tambopata rainforest area of Peru, the Fauna Forever team has learnt how to accomplish its aims in what many would describe as a challenging environment. In this time, we have amassed a great deal of information on how to get things done efficiently, and we’re eager to share this knowledge for the benefit of others.

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