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Assist our Botany Research Team as a volunteer (1-3 weeks) or intern (1-4 months) with multiple tasks related to understanding the taxonomic diversity, abundance and community assemblage of 30 keystone tree species using plot- and transect-based methods, including data analysis and interpretation techniqques.

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photo: Jason Scullion

All of the fauna monitoring teams require good quality botanical and forest structure information in order to help them understand the variables that affect fauna diversity and abundance within and between sites. In addition, we are very interested in monitoring the population status of large, canopy emergent trees at all our sites due to their local ecological importance in terms of fruit production, leaf-fall, air temperature regulators, homes to many tree-dwelling animals and epiphytes, and also as immense stores of carbon. Our objectives are therefore to use standard plot-based census techniques to study the diversity, density, size-class structure, phenology (flowering, fruiting, leaf-fall, etc.) and distribution of trees within and between sites, including the recording of GPS location of large trees for future monitoring using satellite imagery. Some trees are also permanenetly marked using aluminium tags. In addition, the Botany Team is called upon to get intimately involved with any tree planting projects that Fauna Forever undertakes from time to time

Methods and Skills

Methods and Skills
photo: Nicholas Cade

The sampling methods and skills you will learn or become more familiar with as a Fauna Forever volunteer or intern, include plot-based tree counts (we use a combination of 0.05-ha and 1-ha plots) involving the identification, measurement (diameter at breast height, DBH), phenology assessment, marking, and mapping of trees, including the recording of other important habitat characteristics in plots such as standing water, slope, and the presence of Guadua bamboo, dead trees, and treefall gaps. Ladders may be used at times to assist measuring DBH of large trees, and leaf, flower, and fruit samples may be taken from live trees using extendible tree pruners or shears.

History and Map

History and Map


Guadua bamboo

1 Week (07 Days 06 Nights) - US$930
2 Weeks (14 Days 13 Nights) - US$1,450
3 Weeks (21 Days 20 Nights) - US$1,750

1 Month (30 Days 29 Nights) - US$2,345
2 Months (60 Days 59 Nights) - US$3,955
3 Months (90 Days 89 Nights) - US$5,130
4 Months (120 Days 119 Nights) - US$6,120
5 Months (150 Days 149 Nights) - US$7,500
More than 5 months - US$50 per day

These costs (which we treat as a donation to the non-profit organisation) include airport transfers (on arrival and departure); accommodation (in shared rooms); main meals (including vegetarian options); clean drinking water (always); local road and river transport to/from field sites (scheduled dates only); sheets, pillow case, and mosquito nets; access to our office wifi (where available); access to our library and equipment pool (e.g. GPS); orientation, field training and supervision from our staff; participation certificate and future reference letters (as required).

They do not include any flights; travel/health insurance (which is compulsory for all participants); taxis in Puerto Maldonado or Cusco (other than those used for scheduled trips to restaurants for meals); between meal snacks (cookies, sweets, etc.); and bottled beverages (Coca cola, Sprite, Fanta, etc.).

Note: Discounts are possible for groups of 4 people or more, that have the same start and end dates. Please contact us if this is your case.



In 2017 and 2018, applicants for volunteer and intern positions will be free to choose the start and end dates that are most convenient for them, although we'd prefer start dates to coincide with a week day (Mon-Fri) if at all possible. On applying, please use the calendar to select these dates. 

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